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"Service of any type requires preparation." Russell Nelson​

Eight years ago, with fear and faith, I took $40.00 from my bank account and rented my first space for my business.
On my first day open I made $130.00. Woah! I made 130 dollars and my husband and I celebrated at Wendy's. LOL

Today, we chuckle at how happy we were -over a little more than $100.00- but those humble beginnings tell me that anybody can accomplish anything as long as they are consistent.
So what is it that you want? Maybe start a business, write a book, create a course- whatever it is, it can be done ...just do it...even if you are afraid.
Some of the services I offer range from speaking/presenting to coaching, counseling and teaching. I am excited about what I do every single day and I want everyone to experience this type of "I Love Monday Life" with me!

Check the 'Services Page' and let me know how my team and I can help you?

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