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"Let me help you, Live More and
Work Less!"

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Coaching, is it for you? 

Live More and Work Less! ​​

Yes! You may need to hire a coach... NOW! But- before you decide, I want you to ask yourself a few questions...

1) Do I have a desire to create and pursue a dream, but need direction and clarification? 
2) Have I started my business, but don't know how to tranistion to the next stage? 
3) Is my business growing so fast, but I'm too overwhelmed and feel stuck with the day to day activities?
4) Am I  trying to create a work life balance so that I do not neglect my family? 

If You answered YES to any of these questions- you may be in need of a coach! ALL OF THESE SCENARIOS CAN KEEP YOU STAGNANT... Here are some results with people who recieved coaching with Jess!


"Jessica has the ability to see the strengths her clients weren't aware they had and use those skills to move beyond their comfort zone. In the time I worked with Jessica, I completely revamped my business, let go of my side hustle, and  now I have a full client caseload! I'm so grateful to work with Jessica- she's kind, passionate and inspiring." - Jamie H.


"I have dreamed of starting my own private practice from the minute I
received my Master’s degree.  However, when it finally came time to make
my dream a reality, the tasks appeared daunting and I didn’t know where
to start.  Through coaching, Jessica provided me with guidance and tools to aid me through this process.  Jessica encouraged and empowered me, which allowed my dream to finally become a reality!  I will forever be grateful to Jessica for giving me the direction and encouragement I needed!  This coaching experience has been an INVALUABLE EXPERIENCE!  THANK YOU!!!" - Gloria S.


"I had the pleasure of recieveing coaching from Mrs. Jessica Bullock. Her humble spirit, beautiful personality and wealth of knowledge provided me with the confidence I needed to announce my private practice. Mrs. Jessica offered guidance and providedexamples to ensure, I had the tools needed to launch a successful practice. I'm glad and honored to have Mrs. Jessica as my coach." - Aspen H. 

​The truth is- we all go through a time in our businesses where we feel stuck, scared or overwhelmed and may need some guidance to get to the next phase or season. To have someone hold us accountable with our dream is a phenomenal feeling! We get things done, we organize and then...we execute! 

I started my business with only $40.00, three children and two jobs!  However,  my desire to decrease the amount of hours I worked, make more money and spend more time with my young family were huge motivators for me. At first I was OVERWHELMED at the thought of being a CEO! However, I knew that my company was necessary to give me the ability to live more and work less.

With consistency, dedication and determination my business grew so fast, I had to cut out my side hustle to make my dream a reality. I wanted to enjoy my family and enjoy work at the same time! And now, I do! Let me help you do the same. Click Here  to get started!